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No Carriers or Chemicals means No Blisters or Burns
"Draw It Out is the most versatile pain relieving product on the market today!"
Draw It Out Can be used as a poultice, liniment and more!
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The All Natural Answer to Swelling and Soreness
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No Carriers. No Chemicals
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Draw It Out Veterinary Strength Liniment

Draw It Out Concentrate 32oz

$39.99* As Low As $.37 Per Ounce!
  • Works as A Poultice
    Our 32oz Concentrate formula is so versatile you can use it as a spray, poultice and rub on liniment!
  • Works as a Liniment
    With no chemicals you can spray your horse down before working them without worrying about blisters!
  • Concentrated
    The Concentrated formula helps you stretch your dollar further!
  • 100% Natural
    All ingredients are locally sourced right here in the U.S.A!
  • Can be left on 36+ Hrs
    Leave Draw It Out on as long as you'd like!
  • No Blistering or Burning
    Draw It Out won't blister or burn your horse. Please do use caution when mixing with other products like DMSO. Mixing can have adverse side effects.

Draw It Out Concentrate 128oz

$129.99*As Low As $.10 Per Ounce!
  • Works as a Poultice
    Save Money by buying the 128oz Concentrated formula!
  • Best Value
    The 128oz Jug gives you the best bang for you buck!
  • No Harsh Carriers or Chemicals
    No chemicals = No Burning.
  • Stronger than other Brands Xtra-Strength
    The Strongest All Natural Horse Liniment on the Planet!
  • Nationally Rated for Quality
    Our Draw It Out formula received 2nd place in a national readers choice award poll conducted by Show Horse Today & Pleasurehorse.com!

Draw It Out High Potency Gel Formula

$25.99Use as little as 4oz per application
  • New High Potency Gel Formula
    New High Potency Gel Formula. Use a little to help a lot!
  • Perfect for areas that can't be wrapped
    Hocks, Necks, Stifles you name it. Draw It Out Gel is perfect for those un-wrap-able areas!
  • Can be used under saddle pads and wraps
    Perfect for use before, during and after training or showing your horses!
  • Safe for use with Magnets and Ceramics
    The ultimate product to use with Back on Track, Ice Horse or your favorite therapeutic products!
  • Use in combination with Concentrate formula for ultimate effectiveness
    Use both the gel and concentrated formulas together to keep your horse in ultimate competition shape!

Welcome to The Official Home of Draw It Out Veterinary Strength Liniment

Draw It Out Veterinary Strength Liniment is a revolutionary product.  We didn't design Draw It Out with a horse in mind; we designed it with Your horse in mind.  Draw It Out blurs the lines between traditional liniments and poultices. Draw it out is designed to quickly alleviate swelling and soreness by utilizing all natural minerals. Draw It Out is derived of over 170 all natural minerals, each of which posses their own unique anti-inflammatory agents.  When combined these minerals create a very potent proprietary blend, making Draw It Out the strongest all natural equine liniment on the market today.  Since Draw It Outis all natural it meets the guidelines for both USEF and FEI competitions.

Draw It Out is 100% natural so it contains no carriers or chemicals.  This means that there is no “burn factor” and no worrying about blistering your horse.  Draw It Out can be left on for an extended period of time without issue.  Being all natural Draw It Out also is safe if ingested, meaning if you horse incidentally licks the wraps there is no danger to the animal.  All of the ingredients in Draw It Out are all locally sourced from right here in the U.S.A.  Draw It Out is 100% made in the U.S.A.
When using Draw It Out as a wrap it replaces the need for traditional poultice.  With Draw It Out, unlike traditional poultices, there is no mess.  Draw It Out is odorless and colorless.  This means there is virtually no cleanup like with traditional poultices. Draw It Out also won’t stain your horse, its perfect for pre-event applications.

Draw It Out is the favorite of professional horsemen and backyard enthusiasts alike.  Draw It Out is the perfect product for all events from Jumping to Roping and beyond.  Draw It Out is available in two sizes, 32oz and 128oz, and is available at dealers worldwide.

  • No Color.

    Draw It Out has no color.  It goes on clear and stays that way.  We designed Draw It Out this way so you could use it on your horse right before your event with no cleanup needed.

  • No Odor.

    Draw It Out has no odor.  Most products on the market today have very strong smells.  These can often be unpleasant to you and those around you.  With Draw It Out there is no smell so you won't smell like a barn all day.

  • No Mess.

    With Draw It Out there is no messy clay or "mud" to apply.  Your hands won't be covered in a sticky mess that takes a heavy dose of soap and water to remove.  Draw It Out's application is quick and easy & since its all natural if you cant get straight to the wash rack to clean up, no worries.

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What is Draw It Out?

Draw it Out is an all natural topical liniment that reduces swelling and soreness.  It utilizes over 170 different minerals to achieve its goal.  Being all natural you don’t have to worry about any “blister factor” or “burning” your horse like you do with traditional liniments or poultices.  It is also completely safe if accidentally ingested by you or the animal.  Unlike traditional poultices or liniments Draw It Out has tremendous versatility. 
Draw It Out allows users to consolidate several integral products into one single bottle.  Every ingredient in Draw It Out is locally sourced right here in the U.S.A. to ensure quality and effectiveness

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The All Natural Answer to Swelling & Soreness

We've combined over 100 different minerals to create our proprietary blend.  Each mineral contains anti-inflammatory agents that help remove swelling & soreness in an all natural way.
No Carriers. No Chemicals. Just Results
Unlike other products that contain dangerous chemicals that can burn your horse, Draw It Out can be left on without hesitation.  It won't burn your horse. 


Draw It Out is intended to help all horse owners deal with swelling and soreness that accompany horse ownership without the mess and danger of traditional liniments & poultices.

"I use Draw It Out without mixing it (straight) the night before performances to ensure my horses legs are tight and there is no puffiness.  I won't go to a show without it."
"I used Draw It Out exclusively on my gelding who had a severe suspensory pull. He is back to work without a hitch & without using bute or any pain relieving drugs. I keep the inflammation down by soaking his tendon area with Draw It Out under his Polo wraps during workouts."
"There is no reason to use anything else for swelling & soreness"
I used Draw It Out on my sprained ankle and was biking the next day!
I broke my ankle two years ago.  I used Draw It Out in a 50/50 mix, soaked my sock & went to bed.  The next morning was the first time since I broke my ankle that I had no swelling and full range of movement!
I had a horse get a puffy knee the day before our show. I Wrapped it with Draw It Out and it was back to normal by that evening and we were able to show all day long!
"As a ranch manager and a showman I am always looking for that next product that keeps the horses legs tight and inflammation free while I'm on the road. I love Draw  It Out because it does that and so much more. It is easy to apply, can be used in  multiple of ways, it is odorless and low maintenance, meaning you don't have to wash it off before going to the arena. I'm a big fan of Draw It Out."

As a barrel racer hauling extensively up and down the rodeo road, having a liniment on hand is an essential part of my wellness routine for my horses.  Draw It Out is my choice liniment to keep on hand because it is 100% natural.  Since Draw It Out is colorless, odorless, chemical and carrier free I don’t have to worry about burning my horses and the low maintenance makes it a mess free application, unlike traditional poultices.  With Draw It Out in my trailer, I know that no matter if I’m running on hard ground or deep ground, hauling 12 hours or 2 hours, I have the best ally available in Draw It Out to help battle the soreness my grueling rodeo schedule can put my performance horses through.

2015 Readers Choice Award Winner for Best Equine Health Product!





    16oz G.E.L.


      Draw It Out Veterinary Strength Liniment is a revolutionary new equine liniment designed to quickly reduce swelling and soreness using only 100% locally sourced all natural ingredients.  We didn't design Draw It Out for a horse, We designed Draw It Out for Your  horse.

      Draw It Out Veterinary Strength Liniment: The Strongest All Natural Equine Liniment on the Planet!

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