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Draw It Out  can be used at 3 predefined mixtures 70% Water to 30% Draw It Out, 50% Water 50%  Draw It Out, or 100% Draw It Out.  While these are our recommended ratios Draw It Out can be used in any ratio that works for you.
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Leave the Carriers, Chemicals, Odors & Messes in the past
  • No Color.

    Draw It Out has no color.  It goes on clear and stays that way.  We designed Draw It Out this way so you could use it on your horse right before your event with no cleanup needed.
  • No Odor.

    Draw It Out has no odor.  Most products on the market today have very strong smells.  These can often be unpleasant to you and those around you.  With Draw It Out there is no smell so you won't smell like a barn all day.
  • No Mess.

    With Draw It Out there is no messy clay or "mud" to apply.  Your hands won't be covered in a sticky mess that takes a heavy dose of soap and water to remove.  Draw It Out's application is quick and easy & since its all natural if you cant get straight to the wash rack to clean up, no worries.
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The All Natural Answer to Swelling & Soreness

We've combined over 100 different minerals to create our proprietary blend.  Each mineral contains anti-inflammatory agents that help remove swelling & soreness in an all natural way.

No Carriers. No Chemicals. Just Results
Unlike other products that contain dangerous chemicals that can burn your horse, Draw It Out can be left on without hesitation.  It won't burn your horse. 

Find Draw It Out

Be sure to look for us at a show near you.  If you can't catch us at a show be sure to request Draw It Out Veterinary Strength Liniment at a Feed or Tack store near You.





    16oz G.E.L.

      "I use it without mixing it (straight) the night before performances to ensure my horses legs are tight and there is no puffiness.  I won't go to a show without it."
      "I used Draw It Out exclusively on my gelding who had a severe suspensory pull. He is back to work without a hitch & without using bute or any pain relieving drugs. I keep the inflammation down by soaking his tendon area with Draw It Out under his Polo wraps during workouts."
      "There is no reason to use anything else for swelling & soreness"
      I used Draw It Out on my sprained ankle and was biking the next day!
      I broke my ankle two years ago.  I used Draw It Out in a 50/50 mix, soaked my sock & went to bed.  The next morning was the first time since I broke my ankle that I had no swelling and full range of movement!
      I had a horse get a puffy knee the day before our show. I Wrapped it with Draw It Out and it was back to normal by that evening and we were able to show all day long!

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      W  ant to know more?  Need more Draw It Out? Can't find a local dealer?  No problem.  Just give us a shout.


      ph: (817)6685836
      email: Admin@drawitoutusa.com

      Interested in being a dealer? Contact us and we'll send you a dealer application. It's that easy.
      Here at Draw It OUt we are horse owners too.  Thats why when creating our products we have you and your horse in mind.  Our goal is to provide a safe all natural product that will benefit horse and rider.
      Each bottle is produced with you & your horse in mind.  If ever you feel the quality of our product is substandard. Please let us know.

      Draw It Out Veterinary Strength Liniment is a revolutionary new equine liniment designed to quickly reduce swelling and soreness using only 100% locally sourced all natural ingredients.  We didn't design Draw It Out for a horse, We designed Draw It Out for Your  horse.

      Draw It Out Veterinary Strength Liniment: The Strongest All Natural Equine Liniment on the Planet!

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